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Service Quality Evaluation

Immediately receive feedback from unsatisfied customers, minimize your expenses, increase overall profit of your company!

How Yaware.Service Works

Place a sticker with a short SMS number at the location where customer service is provided.

Unsatisfied customer sends a message and the location is identified.

You receive an immediate notification of the problem.

Як працює Yaware.Service

Opportunities Offered by Yaware.Service

Dynamics of customer’s appeals on a particular location
Monitoring of the service quality of your business
Access to data worldwide
Data export

Yaware.Service Is Advisable For

The owner of the restaurant
Small Business

You are a successful businessperson: an owner of a grocery store, a shoe workroom or maybe you keep a restaurant in the city center. Indeed, it isn’t so important. What really matters is that you are sure your clients are satisfied with the service you provide and your business works at full capacity bringing the maximum profit. Or is there still something to have doubts about?

With Yaware.Service you are able to evaluate service quality of your business relying on actual data received from dissatisfied customers.

Medium-sized and Large Businesses

Control over the trading network is a complicated and demanding task that requires great self-organization and full responsibility of the owners and management team. Reliable suppliers are to be found, the qualified staff has to be engaged, the monitoring of products quality should be performed systematically.

Efficient service is an inevitable part of the high financial performance. (You have to agree - it is much more appealing to be a client of a company that assures the quality of service and makes customer’s environment at most comfortable.) The number of customers, and thus, the profit of a company, directly depends on the service provided.

Yaware.Service is developed to simplify the management of the business network considerably.

Store owner
A team of doctors
Non-profit Organizations

Endless queues, constant misunderstandings, an impolite and rude behavior of the staff. And what’s most important - there is no one to complain to. Typical situation for non-commercial organizations - governmental authorities, state hospitals, municipal institutions, etc.

With Yaware.Service you will get a full picture of the real situation. Are your customers/visitors/users happy or are there grounds for a serious conversation with particular employees or even for imposing penalties.

High-quality service is not the only advantage you receive. Most importantly, your organization will obtain the favor of customers who would know for sure - their complaints matter and the management takes care of them.

Yaware.Servise is an effective solution for solving the issues related to the service quality of non-profit organization customers/visitors/users.

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