• At an administrative services center

    Find out how you can use Yaware.Service at an administrative services center

Evaluation of state institutions

Make state institutions transparent and understandable. But how you can do this if civil servants don’t provide you with exhaustive information or even send you on a “cruise” over offices?

Yaware.Service can change this situation and improve state institutions’ service quality.

Methods of evaluation

Place a sticker with short SMS number or QR-code at an administrative services center so citizens may evaluate service quality. The evaluation might be for a center as a whole or for certain employees.

The evaluation might be single- (just “yes” or “no” votes) or multi-level (questionnaire).

Single-level evaluation

It’s used to reveal the most troublesome transport. Place a sticker with different methods of evaluation but with just two answers “yes” or “no”

The evaluation might be done in a couple of ways:

  1. Send an SMS to a short number.
  2. Scan QR-code.
  3. Open short URL in browser

Stickers might be printed in A4 or A5 format.

Yaware.Service QR sticker

Examples of stickers' placement

Near the employees workplace

“Were you served good by the employee?”
“Did you receive exhaustive answers to your questions?”

employees workspace

At the entrance to the center

“Are you satisfied with service quality provided by the center?”

entrance to center

Multi-level evaluation

This is used for more detailed analysis. Place a sticker with a QR-code which links to a questionnaire, where will be a list of questions you want to get answers to.

Question list example

  1. Does the center’s service quality meats your expectations?
  2. Have you waited for an employee to get a consultation for a long time?
  3. Were you served well by the civil servant?
  4. Were you given exhaustive answers to your questions?
multilevel evaluation

Smart data visualization

Analyze data with smart charts

What results you get

Improve service level for the citizens

Transparent work of the administrative services center.

Timely receiving of information about complaints on the center or its employees.

The results of evaluations might be shared with the director of the institution, heads of appropriate departments or others who take relevant decisions.

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