• At a cafe/restaurant

    Find out how you can use Yaware.Service at a public catering outlet (restaurant, cafe etc.)

Evaluation of restaurants, cafes etc.

You may only increase the income of your cafe/restaurant by providing quality service, so clients return to you again and again. Are You sure that the quality of service at your outlet is at the highest level?

Do you want to have up to time information about your clients’ satisfaction of service at your cafe/restaurant?

Use our modern solution for evaluation – Yaware.Service.

Methods of evaluation

Place a sticker with short SMS number or QR-code on the tables of your outlet and receive and analyze opinions of your clients.

Standart solution doesn’t fit you? We will change and suite it to your needs!

Single-level evaluation

It’s used to reveal the most troublesome transport. Place a sticker with different methods of evaluation but with just two answers “yes” or “no”

The evaluation might be done in a couple of ways:

  1. Send an SMS to a short number.
  2. Scan QR-code.
  3. Open short URL in browser

Stickers might be printed in A4 or A5 format.

Yaware.Service QR sticker

Examples of stickers' placement

On the entrance doors to the outlet

“Did you enjoy our outlet and the service level?”
“Is it clean at our outlet?”
cafe entrance

On the tables

“Did you enjoy our outlet and the service level”
“Are you satisfied with the waiters’ service quality?”
table in cafe

Multi-level evaluation

This is used for more detailed analysis. Place a sticker with a QR-code which links to a questionnaire, where will be a list of questions you want to get answers to.

Question list example

  1. Were you served well by the waiter?
  2. Did you enjoy our cuisine?
  3. Is it clean inside?
  4. Leave a comment or a suggestion.
multilevel evaluation

Smart data visualizaiton

Analyse data with smart charts

What results you get

Up to time information of situations which occur at the outlet.

Make timely managerial decisions to resolve the problems which arose at the outlet.

Avoid such situations in future, increase quality of service at the outlet.

Increase attendance of the outlet.

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