Who will benefit from Yaware.Service

Small business

You’re a successful entrepreneur: grocery store or shoe shop owner, or maybe you have a restaurant in downtown. It doesn’t really matter. What is important is that you’re confident that your clients are satisfied with the service level and your outlet works at full power bringing maximal profit? Are you still hesitating?

Yaware.Service allows you to evaluate service quality based on real data, received from unsatisfied customers.

Medium-sized and big business

Controlling retail outlets is a complex, labor-intensive process which demands a high level of self-organization and responsibility from owners. You have to find reliable suppliers, hire qualified personnel, constantly supervise goods’ quality

Service level is an important part of achieving high financial indicators. (You have to agree that making purchases or using services of companies’ which care of their service quality and make their client comfortable is much more pleasant). This is what directly affects a number of clients and a profit.

Yaware.Service is created to simplify management of retail network management.

business team using Yaware.Service

Nonprofit organizations

Perpetual queues, disappointment, discontent. And what’s the worst – no one to complain to! It’s a typical situation for nonprofit organizations: the state or municipal institutions, hospitals etc.

With Yaware.Service you will always know if your clients/visitors/users are satisfied or you still have to talk with your employees, or maybe even use fines.

You get not only the possibility to control service quality but also monitor clients’ sympathy to your institution. Clients will know that their complaints were heard and administration of institution cares about them.

Yaware.Service is an efficient tool for fixing problems related to service quality at nonprofit organizations.

Medical team using Yaware.Service at hospital
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