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Evaluation of public transport service

Defective transport? Rude driver? Dirty inside the vehicle? Let us know about it.

With help of Yaware.Service municipal Department of Transport will receive the latest information about problems which occur and make timely decisions.

Collected data is visualized via charts and diagrams which help understand where are the main problems (according to commuters opinion), who’s in charge and as a result take actions to fix that. What’s more, this solution visualizes trends of ratings and allows to compare them with previous periods.

Methods of evaluation

Place a sticker with short SMS number or QR-code in the transport (bus, trolleybus, taxi etc.)

The evaluation might be single- (just “yes” or “no” votes) or multi-level (questionnaire).

Single-level evaluation

It’s used to reveal the most troublesome transport. Place a sticker with different methods of evaluation but with just two answers “yes” or “no”.

The evaluation might be done in a couple of ways:

  1. Send an SMS to a short number.
  2. Scan QR-code.
  3. Open short URL in browser

Stickers might be printed in A4 or A5 format.

Yaware.Service QR sticker

Examples of stickers' placement

On a door or windows of bus or tram

“Are you satisfied with the quality of the transportation?”

On the seats of the bus or tram

“Is it clean enough in the transport?”

Multi-level evaluation

This is used for more detailed analysis. Place a sticker with a QR-code which links to a questionnaire, where will be a list of questions you want to get answers to.

Question list example:

  1. Is the vehicle defected in your opinion (doors don’t close, sunroof or windows can’t be shut
  2. Driver was rude
  3. Defected or dirty seats
multilevel evaluation

Smart data visualization

Analyze data with smart charts

What results you get

Timely and prompt receiving of information about unpleasant situations in transport

Managers of appropriate department will get operative information and will be prepared to resolve the situation which occured. Defected vehichles wont be allowed on route.

Make managerial decisions concerning rude or impolite drivers

Transportation quality improvement

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