Privacy Policy

«Yaware» LLC (further on «We», «Yaware») strives to adhere confidentiality and inviolability of personal data and other information, which might be obtained from users of our service.

Considering this we suggest you, as a Yaware.Service user, to get acquainted with this Privacy Policy (further on “Policy”, “Privacy Policy”), because your full and unconditional consent to its terms is an obligatory requirement for further use of Yaware.Service.

Yaware.Service includes website, available at , , , software Yaware.Service, which instals on your’s or controlled by you hardware, and a service package we provide via these websites and software.

1. General terms

1.1. This Policy familiarizes you with a way of how we receive, store, process, use and protect your personal data and other information received from Yaware.Service users.

1.2. This Policy is directly related to “Agreement”, terms of which you should learn and accept before using Yaware.Service.

1.3. With using Yaware.Service you accept terms of this Policy and permit Yaware.Service to receive, store, process and use your personal data and other information which Yaware.Service receives during your usage of Service according to this Policy.

1.4. To get full access to personalized functions of Service you should register at Service – create “account” and provide us with full reliable information about yourself.

1.5. Usage of primary functions of Service, namely tracking and analysis of users’ work time, is performed by Software installed on your, or controlled by you, hardware (“Workplace”). This Software’s work is inseparably linked with your Account and Yaware.Service. You can not use Software while refuse using Service.

1.6. While using or lack of use of Workplace Software will create text, graphic, audio, video or mixed data files (“Data”) which afterward will be transferred to software-hardware systems of Yaware.Service for processing, storing and replication within Service.

1.7. If functions of Yaware.Service allows you to register new user within your Account, then you confirm that at the moment of registration that new user gave his consent to register, and that new user acquainted himself and accepted terms of this Policy, terms of “Agreement” and other agreements provided by service, acceptance of which is prerequisite for using of Service. Otherwise, you are fully responsible for all actions and lack of actions performed during usage of Yaware.Service by mentioned new user.

1.8. We recommend you to inform every user who will use Workplace with installed Software that Workplace has installed Software on it. Such information might occur before the user uses Workplace and contain the list of primary functions of Software and your purpose to use it.

1.9. This Policy doesn’t regulate receiving, storing, processing, using and disclosing personal information to third party companies, organizations or individuals who are not a part of Yaware even if you accessed theirs websites, commodities or services by using Yaware.Service.

1.10. This Policy informs you that Yaware and You have mutual right to use companies’ logos in electronic or printed form. Mutual usage of logos allows users, partners and suppliers to find out about our business relationship highlighting our strive to increase our business efficiency and devotion to modern technologies.

2. Information we collect, store and process

2.1. Information we collect, store and process include contact information, provided during account registration (first name, last name, email, phone number), payment details provided during payment for service, messages you exchange with us or other users and other information mentioned in this Policy.

2.2. We receive Personal Information and other data from you with help of our Service and emails, however, in some cases we might receive this information from the third party. We collect only the information needed for the fulfillment of our relationships. We don’t collect information, collection of which is prohibited by law. Similarly, we don’t collect information by the methods prohibited by law.

2.3. Yaware.Service is directly linked with receiving data, its further storing, processing and replicating within the account it was created in.

3. Purpose of data collecting and usage

3.1. During your registration at service, We ask you to complete the registration form and provide some of your personal data. We use this information for further communication with you.

3.2. The purpose of collecting personal data is to provide with products and services you ordered within the Service. We will not use Personal data for purposes not connected with our Service.

3.3. We ask you to fill order form and specify your contact and financial personal information when you purchase paid service. Contact information contains your first name, last name and email. The financial information contains data used during electronic payment (for example, credit card number, validity). Financial information is transferred in encrypted form. We use this information for billing and fulfilling your orders. We will use this information to connect with you if we’ll experience problems fulfilling your order.

3.4. We will send you information about products, services, special offers provided by Service. If you would like to receive such information, please, inform us by using Service functions or contact us via email.

3.5. You can solely (y using Service functions) or by contacting us delete your personal information. In some cases, we won’t be able to do that but we will necessarily inform you in such case. After deleting such information from Service we will not be able to provide you some services and you won’t be able to access some of the Service’s functions.

4. Data transmission

4.1. We do not give your personal information to the third party without your consent, except cases stated below:

  • You give us permission for certain actions with your information if such actions are not regulated by this Policy;
  • When transmission of such information is necessary for fulfilling your order or inquiry;
  • If demanded by judicial, law enforcing, state or other institutions to adhere to current legislation;
  • In case if we are considering you are violating terms of this Policy, terms of use or other agreements between you and Yaware.

4.2. In a case of merging, acquisition, purchase of Yaware.Service’s assets by other company, your Personal Information will probably be among those passed on to that company. If that happens we will inform you by email or place an information on our website 30 days before those changes enter into force.

5. Data access

5.1. You may approach us at any time if you would like to receive all your Personal Information stored in software-hardware systems of Yaware.Service. We will try to respond to such request within 30 days.

5.2. In case your personal information has changed or you don’t want to use Yaware.Service anymore, and would like to delete all your Personal Information and data from Service, you may change, update, turn off or delete such information by using functions of Service or by emailing us.

5.3. If your personal information, stored and processed by Service, has changed you must make corresponding changes within the service, whereas using obsolete information may lower quality of service or lead to your inability to use it.

6. Storing and security of data

6.1. Yaware.Service will take all reasonable actions to protect your personal information and data from loss, distortion or unauthorized use. This includes physical, technological and software safety measures. Yaware.Service attempts to protect these data right after transmission it to the Service.

6.2. However, you have to understand that there is no way to transmit information and further store which is 100% safe. Thereby, regardless of all our efforts, we can not guarantee the absolute security of your information received by Service. Moreover, in case if you lose or disclose your Service credentials third parties might get unauthorized access to your account, personal information, and data stored within service.

6.3. We will store your personal information and data for as long as your account will be active, or as long as we will provide you service, settle disputes, perform mutual agreements.

7. Impersonal data

7.1. Yaware.Service website uses cookies and other technologies to help monitor users’ actions. Cookies are a fragment of data, created automatically by Service and stored on users computer as a single or multiple files. Cookies are individual but don’t contain your personal information and data.

7.2. You may block the download of any files to your computer at any moment, however, this might make some functions of the service inaccessible.

7.3. We receive and store impersonalized data while you use the service: users IP-address, operating system’s version, presence or absence of installed software, this software’s version etc. We use this information to monitor and analyze trends, administration of Service, tracking users’ moving across Website, collection of demographic and geographic information. We do not link these data with personal information.

7.4. Our statements about confidentiality, mentioned in this Policy, do not spread to cookies, third parties and files we do not possess or control.

8. Final provisions

8.1. We might make changes to this Policy due to changes of Yaware.Service’s functions. We will inform you about such changes by an email or by placing an appropriate announcement in service.

8.2. All changes made to this Policy will be available in its new edition, located on this page. New edition of Policy enters into force not earlier than 30 days after the announcement. In any case, by using Service you agree with the edition of terms of Policy valid on a date of start of use.

8.3. If do not completely understand terms of this Policy you may contact us for additional explanations before the start of use. By creating an account and/or using Service and/or accepting terms of this Policy by any other way you confirm that understood all terms of this Policy and received all necessary explanations.

8.4. In case of difference of treatment between terms of this Policy in different translations, priority will have the Russian translation.

8.5. This Policy and all relations between you and Yaware.Service that arises from the use of Service is treated under the ukrainian legislation.

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